Glamour – Säsong 50 avsnitt 1 (5001)

Master pâtissier, Eric Lanlard, is back to make more gloriously glam puddings in Glamour Puds  on Channel 4

Renowned patisserie chef, Eric Lanlard, owner of celebrity favourite Cake Boy boutique in south west London, returns for a new series celebrating the world’s most glamorous desserts. 

Eric examines the legacy of Marie-Antoine Careme, the world’s first celebrity chef. Eric visits Michel Roux Jnr at his Michelin-starred restaurant Le Gavroche. They discuss Careme’s influence on patisserie and how he became famous cooking for Napoleon, Tsar Alexander and the Prince Regent. Eric cooks Michel a traditional Careme dessert, hoping Michel will put it on the specials for dinner that night. Eric then re-creates five incredible Careme-style edible centre-pieces, decorated with petit fours, for a dinner party in London.

Recipes on the show include a chocolate fondant with orange sauce, and Vacherine Glace, a frozen meringue with cream, ice cream and berries.

Nicole försöker få Maya att berätta mer om sitt liv i Los Angeles. Rick kritiserar Ivy inför deras medarbetare. Pam ger Ridge råd. Liam blir upprörd över Ricks beteende.

  • Jacob Young
  • Thorsten Kaye
  • Alley Mills
  • Scott Clifton
  • Karla Mosley
  • Lawrence Saint-Victor
  • Reign Edwards
  • Ashleigh Brewer
  • Jennifer Howard
  • Bra

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