Kalla fakta – Del 3 av 12 säsong 2010

Hard facts mandate to investigate and expose politicians, rulers and social phenomenon with the ambition to be on the weaker party. Human fate is depicted as we highlight the people and feelings and shows how today's Swedes affected by the decisions taken in the corridors of power.

To spring 2008 wagered TV4 Group more resources on Hard facts and extended both the season and duration. Several reports highlighted dramatically and the revealing examination of the brutal production of merino wool in Australia was a world first and was the world's major clothing chains to review their products.
Award-winning reportage

The investigative reports in the Cold facts over the years has been rewarded with a series of prestigious appointments and awards. In September 2008, won the Cold facts of the finest prices for investigative journalists. It was the revealing reportage

Del 3 av 12. Kalla fakta har tidigare avslöjat okända dokument som kan tala för att spiondömde Bertil Ströberg utsatts för en komplott. I höst ska Högsta domstolen svara på hans begäran om en ny prövning. I programmet tittar man närmare på Ströbergs kamp för upprättelse.

Kalla fakta sänds på TV4

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