LA Ink – Del 7 säsong 3

Kat Von D has come home to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of opening up her own tattoo shop. The news has spread and celebrities, rising starlets, punk rockers, musicians and tattoo collectors alike are lining up for some of Kat's famous black and grey ink. In a city known for its tattoo culture, LA Ink is sure to stand out -- drawing clients from all over the world and from all walks of life. But with popularity comes headaches, drama and a lot of hard work.

Playing by her own rules, Kat lives a fast-paced, rebel lifestyle. Hers is a life of freedom: she sets her own schedule, picks her clients, sleeps late,and parties all night. For her shop to be a success, Kat will need to learn how to balance her lifestyle and her business while managing a colorful staff of renowned artists. LA Ink will offer a rare glimpse into an LA that is seldom seen, through the eyes of a true insider.

Kat blir överlycklig när ett förlag vill ge ut ytterligare ett självbiografiskt verk. Hon får gräva djupt bland sina dagböcker för att hitta var hon skrivit ner sina intryck från livet som tatuerare. Hennes kompis Adrienne hjälper henne med att få form på det hela. Men att återbesöka alla minnen blir känslosammare än Kat kunnat tro.

LA Ink sänds på TV6 | IMDB

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