Mike & Molly – Del 15 säsong 1

Set in Chicago, Illinois, the series follows two people, Mike Biggs, a police officer who wants to shed some pounds, and Molly Flynn, a fourth-grade teacher wanting to embrace her curves, who meet at an Overeaters Anonymous group and become an unlikely pair. However, they also have to deal with the comments, jokes, and criticism from Mike's fast-talking partner Carl McMillan, Molly's slim, drug addicted sister Victoria and nymphomaniac mother Joyce, and Samuel, a Senegalese waiter at the officers' favorite restaurant.

Mikes mamma Peggy måste operera gallblåsan och till Mollys förskräckelse vill hon att Molly tar hand om hennes hund. Amerikansk komediserie från 2010-2011.

  • Melissa McCarthy
  • Billy Gardell
  • Katy Mixon
  • Swoosie Kurtz
  • Reno Wilson

Mike & Molly sänds på Kanal 5 | IMDB

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