Restoration Home – Del 5 säsong 2

The six episodes feature historic buildings that have been saved from a state of dereliction by their new owners.  The show is presented by Caroline Quentin who has a great interest and history of the restoration of old buildings, with the help of architectural expert Kieran Long, and social historian Dr Kate Williams who will investigate the extraordinary lives of the properties.

The programmes will look at how the new owners have transformed the buildings into their homes from their previous derelict state and investigate the family trees and past usage of the crumbling ruins. Tales of kings and queens, murder, civil unrest, moments that shocked and shaped Britain that have been seen by the walls of the buildings are revealed as the team investigate the once forgotten gems as they are brought back to life throughout the episodes.

Abbey Lane är en förfallen byggnad från tidigt 1500-tal, som har potential att bli ett riktigt drömhem. Sally och Stuart är fast beslutna att renovera huset och återställa dess ursprungliga skick. Del 5:9

Restoration Home sänds på TV8

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