Restoration Man – Del 4 säsong 1

TOWERS. Architect George Clarke takes on the enormous task of advising two stubborn romantics who own derelict military towers and dream of converting them into unique homes. Artist Sarah McCombie has owned a Martello tower in Kent since 2004, and ex-army man Barrie Taylor became custodian of a Scottish castle tower in 2005. Although the years have gone by, their restoration dreams remain in limbo as progress has been very slow and neither of them has secured planning permission. George tries to give these dreamers a reality check, but getting them to listen is a battle in itself. Barrie has numerous schemes drawn up, but is unable to convince planners that his plans for Caldwell Tower are sympathetic enough. His engineers are working from measurements and drawings, having never visited the site. George thinks that the planners will only be swayed if the level of detail is vastly improved, and ultimately progress stalls. On the south coast, Sarah is understandably keen to build on the gun deck of her tower. The exceptional views it affords are simply too good to let go, and other nearby Martello restorations have included such additions. Despite her protests, the planners refuse her proposals. George thinks that Sarah should concentrate on getting plans approved for the rest of the project so that work can commence. To date this has not happened, and Sarah’s Martello remains in more or less the same state as when she bought it.

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