Jeopardy! – Säsong 2 avsnitt 40 (240)

The show first aired in March 1964 and lasted nearly 11 years on NBC daytime (ironically, its current companion in syndication, Wheel of Fortune, replaced the daytime Jeopardy!); the show resurfaced in a modified format in 1978, and then came back in syndication in 1984, where it continues to enjoy long-term success. This simple

Veckans tävlande: Håkan Rune (Storuman), Gun Kallenberg (Sollentuna), Henrik Erixon (Stockholm), Johan Larsson (Limhamn), Mats Roth (Danderyd), Anders Rayner (Solna), Heléne Schultz, (Borås) Jacob Bryntesson (Stockholm) och Rasmus Östberg (Stockholm). Avsnitt 24 av 80.

Jeopardy! sänds på TV8 | IMDB

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